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Odania Sports Arena

Odania Sports Arena is a VR sci-fi game that allows players to enjoy hitting targets coming from outer space.
In different kinds of games you can hit the targets from outer space.

The Description of the Game

This VR game is a highly immersive first-person VR game. You control it with your motion controller.


In the game of boxing, players will take up avatars in a ring in the arena.
They will be required to fight their way to glory in various rounds.
Here, the player will need to train on speed, how to deliver great punches.
The VR immersive game lets you ‘feel’ the punches with effects on the avatar you are hitting.
You can start random rounds with different settings, just the way you like it.

SciFi Stick

Baseball fans will get their money’s worth here. Hit the incoming SciFi balls with the stick.
Are you good enough to hit the surrounding targets?

Space Ball

If you are an NBA fan, you can play a round of Space Ball. It just feels great throwing a ball in space and see the targets explode.


Ever played golf in space? Now you can!

Relax playing golf in space and try to hit some targets.

Key Elements of Odania Sports Arena

There are several things that make Odania Sports Arena a great VR game to try.

A wide Choice of Games

Players will have an initial collection of three ball games and one boxing match.
There will be a chance to work on your skills and improve your gameplay.

A Realistic Feel

The VR games will have a realistic feel to them.

The games on the platform will be easy to learn, play and execute.
The ambience and immersive experience will keep players locked onto their devices for hours on end.
It might be time to brush up on your boxing, golf, or ballgame skills in preparation for this once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience.